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Spring Guns and Ammo in Spring, Texas strives to provide the best variety of firearm products and services at the most affordable prices. Our friendly staff will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have about any of the firearms or firearms accessories we offer. We take pride in catering to a wide variety of shooters..... Read More

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FIRST HANDGUN WOES  Working at Spring Guns and Ammo, we see many people each day that are on the hunt for thier first handgun. What brand to pick, what caliber, what size...ect are always questions that become voiced in the selection and buying process. To help simplify the daunting task of first handgun selection I will be utilizing a well written article by David Nash on that covers the basic pros and cons when considering pistol purchase. As always we hope that you review...
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Choosing the Right Home Defense Weapon
Choosing the right home-defense weapon: Trying to figure out the right home-defense weapon can be frustrating. You finally decide to take your personal safety into your own hands, but as soon as you go to the gun store, you’re overwhelmed by all of the information being thrown at you. People start spouting off facts about shotguns versus handguns, benefits of bigger calibers versus smaller calibers, and then they bring in the good ol’ fashioned debate: semi-auto pistols versus revolvers. It’s a...
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Arc'teryx LEAF Field Test
We recently added Arc'teryx LEAF tactical clothing to our Woodlands location, and couldn't be more excited. Arc'teryx builds some of the world’s finest quality outdoor clothing and gear available, and their tactical line (LEAF - Law Enforcement and Armed Services) is used around the globe in the worst environments. I got a chance to take out some Arc'teryx and test it out a little. I went to a friend's ranch for some shooting and hunting. The first day started at 5:30AM and a little over 20°F w...
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Not Just Guns & Ammo
It's not always just about Guns & Ammo, related gear can be just as important. So many of you now have made purchases over this last year for your pistols and/or rifles, and that is a great 1st step. Your firearm can be an essential tool but it's hard to keep shooting if you only have the magazine that came with it. If you already have a bunch of spare mags, that's good, but do you have a way to carry them? Do you have a way to carry your pistol or sling your rifle? There are so many uses f...
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Get Threaded!
If you're planning on suppressing your pistol, finding your threaded barrel should be one of your first steps. If you already have a pistol suppressor and you have an unthreaded pistol you're a little behind, but don't despair! There is a wide variety of factory and after-market threaded barrels out there for just about any pistol. Most after-market barrels are going to match grade barrels as well which can be a big benefit. Not only can you now use your pistol with your suppressor with your ne...
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